Using the Office HP LaserJet Pro M1212nf Printer Scanner to scan a document

  1. Switch printer on
  2. Turn Laptop wifi off – use button front edge of computer (very slow across wifi)
  3. Plug-in network cable to Laptop – left side about mid way along.
  4. Let 30 seconds elapse – tech reason, so network address can be acquired by Laptop.
  5. Use your laptop mouse to select menu option – start, All Programs, HP bedroom, Scan
  6. Wait for window to pop up (click image to enlarge)PredScanner001
  7. Select Settings PredScanner002
  8. Select the tab Scan PredScanner003
  9. Un-tick “Show the TWAIN…” and set Color Mode to Grayscale to end up with a smaller scanned file. Note you can also try Color and Black & White options to see what you get.
  10. Press OK button and then select the Scan button in the next window.
  11. When the Save As window pops up it will look something like this below. Select Save as type JPEG or PDF. Enter a File Name and press the Save button. PredScanner004
  12. Also you can use the “Save in:” option at the top of the window to select the place on your hard disk were the scanned document file will be placed.
  13. You may be asked to select which TWAIN device some were in this process. Just select the one that relates to your current printer unit (…M1212…).
  14. That it just wait for the scanner to finish and if you have saved the document as a JPEG you can open it in your image editing software and crop to size and save for the web to reduce the size for emailing or posting on line.
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